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Scrooge 1 and Scrooge 2

Posted: December 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’ve decided that my sons have no Christmas spirit.

Scrooge 1 and Scrooge 2 — as they shall henceforth be called (at least until Christmas) — have been giving me flack for playing Christmas music on the car radio.  Tonight I declared the official start of Christmas movie season, and they paled visibly.

It’s not like I’m pushing Christmas on Halloween — or even Thanksgiving; in fact, I absolutely refuse to acknowledge Christmas before December.  We don’t really decorate the house — maybe a string of white lights on the balcony a week or two before Christmas.  Heck, we probably won’t even trot out the tree until at least the 20th (those of you with multiple cats will understand). 

I can’t see how a little music and a movie or two qualifies as excessive in the Scrooges’ books.

Is there something wrong with the Scrooges?  Or is it me?