Scrooge 1 and Scrooge 2

Posted: December 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’ve decided that my sons have no Christmas spirit.

Scrooge 1 and Scrooge 2 — as they shall henceforth be called (at least until Christmas) — have been giving me flack for playing Christmas music on the car radio.  Tonight I declared the official start of Christmas movie season, and they paled visibly.

It’s not like I’m pushing Christmas on Halloween — or even Thanksgiving; in fact, I absolutely refuse to acknowledge Christmas before December.  We don’t really decorate the house — maybe a string of white lights on the balcony a week or two before Christmas.  Heck, we probably won’t even trot out the tree until at least the 20th (those of you with multiple cats will understand). 

I can’t see how a little music and a movie or two qualifies as excessive in the Scrooges’ books.

Is there something wrong with the Scrooges?  Or is it me?

  1. brownkitty says:

    It’s them. But then, Christmas music in this house is usually Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Christmas movies tend to be Nightmare Before Christmas or non-related oddball things.

  2. amandatkd says:

    Not you. It’s the young Scrooges. My own Scrooge has been that way for at least 6 years now. It’s going to be interesting if that’s changed when he comes home from college this year. Of course, by the time he catches up on sleep, it might be a moot question, since I figure that day will come about Boxing Day [BG]
    Of course, I’m the one who’s been listening to Trans Siberian Orchestra, etc., and figuring out what movies to start playing come the weekend. [shrug]

  3. cordova829 says:

    Bah humbug!
    I haven’t even gotten a tree yet. Or done shopping. Or strung up the lights. Or listened to holiday music. Or watched Christmas movies…
    …damn it. Forgot to get presents.

  4. danielmhoyt says:

    You tell me 3 times … Scrooges 1 and 2 it is!

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