Posted: December 4, 2008 in Uncategorized

sarahahoyt ‘s new eeePC 1000 came in today, and it is very cool.  I’m now officially jealous.

I spent a couple hours setting it up, including internet (our wireless is encrypted and uses MAC filtering, so I have to find the MAC addresses first, then add them to the router, and then I can set up the internet!), proper household LAN setup, Star Office tweaks (the screen res is 1024×600 — already a bit short — and the default word processor has THREE lines of icons taking up real estate), etc.

I’ve read quite a few reviews claiming that the Xandros pre-installed wasn’t robust enough, but nearly all of them seemed to decide this after they decided to make the eeePC their primary PC.  For a writer’s travel laptop, I think Xandros is perfectly fine.  We’ll see what sarahahoyt  thinks as she uses it.

My only problem now is that I want one!


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