Gesturing at the Smart

Posted: November 23, 2008 in Uncategorized

Yesterday, while driving in Denver, I inadvertently signed "Loser" to some poor guy driving a Smart.

It was an accident.  Really.  I like the Smart car.  Sarah and Robert think it looks dorky.  Okay, it kinda does, but I still like it.  I’ve wanted one since before it was available in the States, when I saw one of Sarah’s cousins pull up at her parents’ house in one.

So, anyway, we were driving my wife’s Expedition in Denver, near Cherry Creek, and there was a yellow/silver Smart approaching in the oncoming lane.  I air-high-five’d the car and yelled, "Smart!"  (The windows were up, BTW.)  But I realized at the last second that my wife and kids probably didn’t have the context and tried to point at the car.  I didn’t notice at the time, but both Sarah and Robert told me afterward that they heard me yell, "Smart!" then flash the "L" sign at the Smart car.  Both of them figured I’d finally come around to my senses and said nothing.

To that driver of the yellow Smart near Cherry Creek, who was driving along, minding his own business, only to have some unapologetic jerk in an SUV sign him that he’s a loser, I’m truly sorry.  I didn’t mean it that way.  Please forgive me.

By the same token, I hope that Smart driver doesn’t condemn me just because I’m driving an SUV.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t care about fuel prices, or where we get the fuel, or the environment, or whatever it is that some non-SUV drivers think.  It means we live in Colorado, where an SUV is the most prudent choice in cars for us. 

I’d just like you to respect my choice in vehicles as much as I respect yours.

  1. cordova829 says:

    That’s funny.
    I was in Cherry Creek a few weeks back and some guy driving honked at me when I was changing lanes and moving slow, even though the light was green. He hauled up to my left, flipped me off then slammed on his breaks as he realized that I had changed lanes due to a stalled vehicle in the turn lane.
    So at least you didn’t give him the bird while yelling “Smart!”.

    • Anonymous says:

      It happens with alarming frequency. The other day I was out driving in the middle of the day – there were very few people actually out on the road, but it seemed like every single one of them was acting the idiot. I had to slam on the brakes (and/or swerve to avoid them) more times that day than in the previous six months combined.

  2. onyxhawke says:

    You actually admit to liking those things? That’s like barely a step short of admitting you want to boff your mom.

    • danielmhoyt says:

      I admit I like the Smart. I also like the Mini Cooper S. Fuel efficient and outperforms a Porsche in the slalom — what’s not to like?
      As for my mom, I’m now going to need therapy — thanks.

      • s2la says:

        Fuel efficient? My son’s Civic gets better gas mileage than either the Smart *or* the Mini. And it’s not even the vintage of Civic famous for it’s mileage (before the redesign 4-5 years ago).
        Have you ever read the EPA sticker on a Smart? If has higher pollutant emissions than 51% of cars rated, plus they are notorious for requiring premium gas in some climates (and I believe Denver is one of them due to altitude).
        I know the Euro versions are not that bad. The Mini and the Smart have really suffered from the redesign required to sell them in the U.S.

  3. d.k. Allen says:

    Heh. I live in Arvada. If I see an SUV driving by (next time I have the misfortune to venture south) flashing me an ‘L’, I’ll understand. I’ll be in the other SUV, flashing you. Not an L… just, flashing. HAHAHAHA.

  4. d.k. Allen says:

    BTW – I’ve only been here a year. But I’ve noticed that CO drivers drive 45MPH. Constantly. Regardless of the speed limit. If the limit is 65, they drive 45. If it is 55, they drive 45. If it is 30, they STILL drive 45. The only time the don’t drive 45, is when the speed limit is *actually* 45, in which case, they drive 30.

    Why is that?

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