Where Have I Been?

Posted: July 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’ve pretty much been absent from my own blog since Christmas; I thought I’d explain why.  In a word, focus.  Focus on other, more important things.  Yeah, yeah, that’s no excuse for neglecting y’all out in cyberspace — but to be fair,  I never said I had an excuse, just an explanation.  That said, I have some things to say now:

1) I’m going to take this blog in a slightly new direction.  I’m going to post things that I find interesting — maybe you will, too; maybe you won’t.  But I’m not going to worry about that any more.  There will still be some writing things; there will be tech things; there will be humor; there will be bizarre observations and … who knows what else?

2) I’m not going to try to post every day (or even every week), just to post something.  I know some people that post every day; I generally read them about once a week, because it’s clear they’re just trying to fill up their blogs with something, and I usually only find at most one post a week that interests me.  I know some people that post several times a day; I generally skip over most of their posts just out of sheer desperation.  Maybe all this will change when I have a less demanding and time-consuming day job and the kids are out of the house.  Until then, no apologies — I’ll post when I feel like it, period.

3) I’m tired of being nice to people (and groups) that don’t deserve it, especially those that ignore basic logic in their arguments.  I was trained in logic, and I know how to use it; I do not have to put up with opinions based entirely on heresay or “common knowledge” that has no basis in fact.  My “tongue” may become sharp at times.  You’ve been warned.

That’s all for now.

  1. lonewolf545 says:

    As for #2, last I checked, you weren’t paid for your blog, you have ZERO obligation to post to it if you don’t feel like it. Same goes for #1.
    As for #3, a Baen author that doesn’t tolerate fools gladly? Who woulda thunk it? Next you’ll want to be on panels with Ringo, Drake, and Kratman… 😉

  2. brownkitty says:

    I’m relieved to see you again. I don’t know you well enough to count you as family quite yet, but I do count Sarah that way. I’ve missed your, and her, entries.
    1 and 2, I’m curious to find out what you’re interested in or find funny.
    3, how were you trained in logic? And how do you define “not nice”? I’d like to know where the line is (aside from things like “don’t be an ass”) as I prefer to offend people intentionally when I do offend 😉

    • danielmhoyt says:

      For #1 and #2, you’ll find out. 🙂
      For #3, I hold a degree in Pure Mathematics (which required several pretty intensive courses in logic and structure) and I’ve spent nearly a quarter century programming computers and designing and architecting software systems (which also depend heavily on logical patterns). I’m intimately familiar with logic — and the lack thereof.
      Don’t worry about my definition of “not nice.” I’m not an ass. 😉

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