Santa’s Bureau of Investigation, Day 21

Posted: December 21, 2007 in Uncategorized

From a Dec 21 conversation between Glitter Ornament and an unidentified coworker by the eggnog cooler at Santa’s Bureau of Investigation, North Pole HQ:

Glitter (whispering): “I wouldn’t get too attached to that Ms. Snow.”

Unknown: “Why not?”

Glitter (after hesitating): “I just signed for a letter for Mr. Elvis from Ms. Holly.”

Unknown: “Ms. Holly?  Are you sure?  Wasn’t she sent to the Coal Unit?”

Glitter: “Yes!”

Unknown: “So what’s she sending to Mr. Elvis?”

Glitter: “I don’t know.  But Mr. Elvis seemed to be expecting it.”

Unknown: “Okay, so maybe Ms. Holly didn’t get canned.  But what’s the problem with Ms. Snow?”

Glitter: “Since she took over, Mr. Elvis hasn’t read any of her reports.  It’s like he doesn’t care.”

Unknown: “Weird.”

Glitter: “Yeah.  Anyway, do you have any nutmeg for the eggnog?”


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