Santa’s Bureau of Investigation, Day 17

Posted: December 17, 2007 in Uncategorized

From a Dec 17 spam email sent by Midnight Spam:

Do you want to enlarge, lengthen or harden organs you don’t even have?  Need to quickly find videos depicting acts you can’t do since you have no partner?  Want us to send you money just for replying?  Looking to score some prescription drugs illegally?  Need to get rid of some pesky excess cash in a Ponzi scheme of someone else’s choosing?  Like to tap into the North Pole’s huge clandestine surveillance network?  Jonesing to have your identity stolen?

We can help!

Midnight Spam is the premier supplier of free internet offers!  We ship over 2 million spam emails EVERY HOUR!!  We’re THAT busy!  So just click on the link below to go to a virus-laden warez site that will harvest your personal information and pass it on to only the FINEST Midnight Spam offers.

Act now and get a free 30-day trial membership to High Noon Spam, our new service where we guarantee a whopping ONE THOUSAND spam emails delivered direct to your email inbox EVERY SINGLE DAY for the LOW LOW PRICE of ONLY $49.99 per month!  Don’t delay!  Get your membership to High Noon Spam today!


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