Santa’s Bureau of Investigation, Day 15

Posted: December 15, 2007 in Uncategorized

From a Dec 15 memo issued by Toys ‘B’ Here CEO, Ima Fleecing:

Revenues this month are down 40% from last year at this time.  With only ten shopping days remaining until Christmas, this is critical.  

Taking a cue from other retailers who’ve implemented “Black Friday” sequel sales, we’ve decided to implement a “12 Days of Christmas Sales” marketing blitz.  Obviously, we’re a little late to this party, since our first sale — which will begin with the Sunday ads tomorrow — is the fourth day of the sale, but our analysts assure us that most shoppers will assume they just missed the first three days.  To support this, we’ve designed some dummy ads for the first three days to appear in our “Archives” section on our website.

As a side note, North Pole Enterprises has been dropped as our official after-market toy enhancement provider, after an official complaint by the City of Stow in Ohio.

Sleigh to the snow time, team!  Let’s have a great Christmas shopping season again this year!


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