Santa’s Bureau of Investigation, Day 11

Posted: December 11, 2007 in Uncategorized

From a Dec 11 news item by NBS reporter LaTrina Washington:

“Is Santa in danger?

“Viewers may remember the Richardson family’s horrifying discovery that this reporter revealed only days ago.  More than two hundred high-tech surveillance items — microphones, mini-cameras, wireless transmitters — were recovered from the Richardson’s house after an anonymous tip left on their answering machine helped them find a hidden microphone right in their own kitchen.

“Investigators have been unable to determine where all the surveillance equipment came from, and no government agencies are admitting to placing them, but suggested that since all the items were Christmas related, it must be Santa spying on them.

“Well, many of our viewers embraced that theory, and it’s spread far and wide since then.  Reporters across the nation — even in Canada and Mexico — are repeating this reporter’s broadcast, and flash shopper mobs have resulted in violence in at least thirteen cities already, with shoppers literally ripping the stuffings out of potential Christmas gifts right there in the stores.

“We’re going to show a clip now, of a mob in Manhattan, Kansas.  Viewers who have a weak stomach might want to look away…”


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