Santa’s Bureau of Investigation, Day 6

Posted: December 6, 2007 in Uncategorized

From a Dec 6 phone transcript between Anna Richardson (home) and her husband (on cell):

Anna: Hi, you.  I just got home and got Mikey’s Christmas list email, but there’s something weird … did you hear that?

Sam: What?

Anna: That click.  Like someone picking up the extension.

Sam: No, hon.  I didn’t hear anything.

Anna (annoyed): Well, I did!

Sam: Don’t worry about it.  I’m sure it was nothing.  I mean, it’s not like the government’s tapping our phones.

Anna: (gasp!) How do you know they aren’t?

Sam (calmly): There’s no reason to, is there?  Just calm down, honey; I’ll be home in about 15 minutes, okay?  Now, what about Mikey’s email?

Anna: It’s like it’s someone else’s list, not his.  All sorts of software I’ve never heard of.  And I think there’s something wrong with my laptop now.  The hard disk is going like crazy, and I’m not doing anything on it.  I think it started just about when–

Anna (whispering):  There’s that red and white van parked in front of the Peterson’s across the street again!  I think it’s been there for a few days.  You might be right about them tapping our phone.

Sam (agitated): What?  That’s not what–

Mistle (muffled whisper): Check the feedback; I think we’re hot.

Anna (alarmed): There!  There’s that click again.  And I heard someone talking; I swear.

Sam (worriedly): I heard something, too!

Anna (whispering): I’m going to call you back on my cell. 


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