Santa’s Bureau of Investigation, Day 4

Posted: December 4, 2007 in Uncategorized

From a Dec 4 post on Mikey Richardson’s LiveJournal:

OMG!  I’ve been hacked!  My rig’s got some kind of virus on it and I just got a crapload of messages from my friends saying I sent out some email worm to them!  I checked my outbox and there must have been about 6000 messages with an attachment!  I’ve been spamming everyone I know!  I had a good buddy who’s a real geek check it out and he traced it back to an IP somewhere in Russia.

I’m reinstalling the OS as I type this on my Mom’s Vista Mac.  I should be back up and running later tonight.  In the meantime, if anyone knows anything about, let me know.  I want this sucker!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s those anti-santa russions Dan. You can’t _trust_ atheists…
    It’s those damned russions again Dan…
    Reverse DNS Lookup
    domain: RELARN.RU
    type: CORPORATE
    org: Association “RELARN”
    phone: +7 499 1967363
    fax-no: +7 499 1964984
    registrar: RUCENTER-REG-RIPN
    created: 1998.06.01
    paid-till: 2008.12.01
    source: TC-RIPN
    About RELARN
    Association of scientific and educational organizations – computer networks users – “RELARN” – is a voluntary noncommercial union of research centers and institutes, higher schools ,colleges and other institutions, financed, as a rule, from the State budget.
    The RELARN Association was initiated in September of the year 1992, by a joint decision of Ministry of Science, Russian Academy of Sciences, and Russian Research Center “Kurchatov Institute”. The Association was registered as a juridical person in May 24 of 1993. The executive body of the Association is Russian Institute for Puplic Networks (RIPN).
    Activity of the Association is aimed to expansion of the information exchanges and to rise their efficiency in the field of science and education.
    For this purpose RELARN does the following:
    * gives its participants organizing, financial and technical support in noncommercial information exchange using computer networks technologies;
    * enables interaction with research computer networks in Russia and abroad;
    * helps scientific contacts development, including organizing and carrying out conferences, competitions andexhibitions;
    * coordinates projects aimed on computer networks for science and education development;

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