Santa’s Bureau of Investigation, Day 2

Posted: December 2, 2007 in Uncategorized

Notes on transcript of routine internal tap on Dec 2 between NPHQ Chief and Holly Sideglance, Mideast American Regional Manager, Santa’s Bureau of Investigation:

Ms. Holly took call on scrambler in office.  Mr. Elvis requested priority tap on 13-year-old in Stow, Ohio, one Mikey Richardson.  Subject cracked HoHoHo.SBI worm and added password logger to worm’s email scanner.  SBI Warez Analysis detected alteration after 23 minutes, but some damage sustained.  Additional surveillance needed to determine extent of hooligan’s interference.  Ms. Holly promised full situation containment within 48 hours.  End conversation.

Ms. Holly made three other calls immediately, all to underlings in her organization.  No unusual patterns detected.

Oh, and Ms. Holly tagged subject’s requests to WoW Santa for negation and submitted formal request for review of subject’s badness to SBI Coal Determination Unit.

  1. sarahahoyt says:

    I’m doing Santa’s engineering dept
    Dan’s and my goal is to do a post a day until the end of the month. Something fun and along these lines…
    My journal is
    And Dan, yes, I’m enjoying yours. šŸ™‚

  2. so am I, enjoying em i mean…

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