The Play and the Blog

Posted: September 17, 2007 in Uncategorized

Wanna know why I’m so bad at blogging regularly?

It’s ’cause I’ve got a terrible memory, but a finely-tuned work ethic. See, when I’m at work, I’m working on the job they pay me for, not blogging. By the time I get home, I rarely remember what I wanted to blog about earlier in the day. Yes, I have a PDA (oh, the horrors! yes, I know PDAs are passe now, but there it is) — but I have this unfortunate habit of dreaming up cool things to blog while driving, and that’s an exceptionally bad time to pull out the old PDA. Maybe I should get a tape recorder….

Anyway, I get home, and I can’t remember what I was going to blog. And it’s all because of this pesky aversion to screwing off at work.

Yeah, I know everybody does it.

Not me.

And I’ll tell you why. In my first job, I was part of a very small staff (I was the 10th employee hired) and at one point we started playing computer golf at lunchtime. Mostly, it was 3 of us development guys and the electrical engineer; the EE’s office was furthest away from the front entrance, so we played in his office. So far, so good. It was lunchtime, so why not?

One day, one of my development buddies flubbed a nasty shot, dropped the F-bomb pretty loudly, and we all joined in with our own obscenities. All of this took a couple seconds, tops — just long enough for the VP of development to walk in with a customer. He was … shall we say, a lovely shade of purple. “And this is our development staff,” he said, and closed the door quietly.

I went to my desk immediately and removed from my PC every game and non-work-related application. And I’ve maintained that separation since.

It’s ingrained in me now, that work ethic. At one point, I had a traveling job that left me at home for a couple months. I wrote my first novel — after 5:00 pm each day. From 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on the weekdays, I just couldn’t bring myself to write — that’s not what I was getting paid for. I know lots of technos who blog during meetings, do homework while at work, start outside businesses, etc. Not me. Nope. Never. Can’t do it. I just … can’t.

All this is why my posts tend to be really late at night, BTW.

I’m not trying to be prissy here, and I’m not judging you — if you have a different work ethic and believe you’re doing the right thing, good for you. But if you don’t believe it’s the right thing, if you’re rationalizing it by saying things like you’re only giving them their money’s worth and no more, if you’re continually defending your decision to people who don’t even say anything about it … if it eats at your conscience (like it did mine), do yourself a favor and just stop it now so you can live with yourself in peace.

Trust me.

Hmm. Will you look at that? Turns out I did have something to blog about after all!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Vioce recording
    Do you have a recent cell phone? Or an mp3 player? If so, it’s probably got a voice notes feature. Mine do.. Just hold down the ‘voice command’ button on my phone and start yakking (just pressing it once gets me the ‘voice command’ prompt). Or the ‘record’ button on my mp3 (if it’s already on. If not, I gotta turn it on first).

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