EZ-Web-Hosting in league with Satan!

Posted: August 31, 2007 in Uncategorized

I’ve just discovered that our previous web hoster, ez-web-hosting.com, is clearly in league with Satan!

I’ve been with these guys since 2004, recently decided to change to another hoster (the details aren’t important), and requested cancellation. Now, I paid the first year for an annual plan, which they dutifully renew (even though my credit card expiration date had passed!) every May as another annual. Since I cancelled mid-year, I expected a pro-rata refund of the unused months. Following is the exchange (Grrrrrr!). Note that I am most definitely NOT recommending them for your hosting needs!

19-Aug-2007: Dan:
Requested cancellation on 26-Aug-2007 via their online form (the only way they accept it). I don’t have the exact text, but suffice it say there was no response. 

27-Aug-2007: Dan:
I submitted a cancellation form on Aug 19, 2007, for cancellation Aug 26, 2007, but I have not yet received any confirmation, and my account is still active! What’s going on? Please cancel my account and note my refund request. Note also that the original email when I opened this account was danhoyt@usa.net, but that email is no longer active.

28-Aug-2007: EZWeb: 
Your cancellation request has been received. Your account is scheduled to cancel at it’s next renewal date of 4/30/08.

We only offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Since you have past your 30 day trial period your account will remain active for the time you have prepaid. If you would like to cancel the account now, we can, however, no refunds will be issued.

Please advise.

If you have any questions please let us know.

Thank you,
Ez Web Hosting Inc.

30-Aug-2007: Dan:
Can you show me exactly the policy in EZ-Web-Hosting’s Terms of Service concerning refunds on prepaid plans? I don’t recall seeing one when I signed up for this plan (only for monthly), nor have I been sent a change of policy. The only written policy I can find in the currently-posted Terms of Service is the 30-day cancellation policy after initial activation, which doesn’t apply to renewals.

In the absence of a specific policy, EZ-Web-Hosting is legally obligated to refund a pro-rata portion of the plan, as if it were paid monthly and cancelled, in order to avoid breach of contract. Otherwise, EZ-Web-Hosting is continuing to take money for services it isn’t providing, which is actionable fraudulent activity and will be reported to the appropriate authorities. As I’ve requested cancellation as of the current date, whether or not EZ-Web-Hosting chooses to keep my account active on the servers is irrelevant, contractually.

Legal aspects aside, frankly, I’m surprised at this attitude, which is in direct contravention to providing a pleasant customer-focused experience. Instead, it indicates a “fleece-them-while-we-can” attitude, which certainly doesn’t entice me to recommend EZ-Web-Hosting to my friends and clients. Rest assured I will inform my client list (some of whom are current EZ-Web-Hosting clients) about this exchange, so that they may make better-informed decisions concerning their hosting needs.

I expect a pro-rata refund for September, 2007, through April, 2008, to be issued within 30 days. In the meantime, I have begun an inquiry with my credit card issuer.

Daniel M. Hoyt

31-Aug-2007: EZWeb:

I am sorry you feel the way you do about our services. Refunds are issued on the first 30 days of sign up or within your renewal period. Your cancellation request was received past your 30 day renewal. Your account is active and will remain active until your next renewal date as stated above. You have paid for services and will receive services until your contract is up. If you use the services we provide is up to you.

If you have any questions please let us know.

Thank you,
Ez Web Hosting Inc.

31-Aug-2007: Dan:
Billing to my EXPIRED credit card without my express consent, which EZ-Web-Hosting been doing since 2005, is still fraud. I’m willing to overlook it if I receive a pro-rata refund for Sep 2007-Apr 2008 in the next 30 days. Otherwise, I WILL report EZ-Web-Hosting to the FBI. 


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