Abbiamo Server!

Posted: April 5, 2007 in Uncategorized

WARNING! Geek-speak ahead. WARNING!

The new Damn Small Linux server is up and running. Only two problems:

1) It doesn’t seem to be using ACPI (power management) and putting the CPU into standby when not in use. Which means that the unit runs at full power all the time, and since the cooling on this fanless box is effected by heat dissipation through the case, it runs a bit hot. All the time. Since the unit is headless (no monitor, no keyboard, no mouse — the machine is accessed remotely, much like a hacker1 would) .

2) The external USB hard disk doesn’t seem to go into a standby mode either when not in use.

1Oh, don’t give me any lectures about hackers vs crackers.  The world at large knows both as hackers.


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