Damn @#% Linux Store!

Posted: March 29, 2007 in Uncategorized

I mentioned Damn Small Linux a month back. Here’s my update. It isn’t pleasant.

On February 22, I decided to go with one the small, solid-state boxes in the Damn Small Store. So I ordered it. That night, I had trouble sleeping. I was buying a 1GHz machine and putting 1GB of RAM into it so I could use it as a file server??? What was I thinking? Talk about overkill. The geek in me protested.

Since I knew the guy running the DSS only checks mail once or twice a week, I decided to change my order and scale it back to a 533MHz machine with 256MB of RAM. Should cost me about $100 less, too. I contacted the owner via email and started a dialog that continued over the next 10 days, with 2-3 day lag time between messages (because he only does mail once or twice a week).

I got tired of this, quieted my inner geek and told the DSS guy on March 1 to just go ahead with the original order. The way I figured it, I would save myself maybe $100 in the long run, and this was waaay too much hassle for $100. I told my inner geek to prepare me a 10-point bulleted list on why Linux is better than Vista. That got him out of the way handily.

After twelve days (the DSS website says 1-2 weeks), I still hadn’t received the unit and got ansy. I sent Mr. DSS a polite email requesting a tracking number. No response for four days. I sent another polite email pointing out that it had been over two weeks; when would the unit ship?

This time, I got a response the next day, saying that he was waiting on parts that had just arrived, and the unit should ship out at the end of the weekend. Another eleven days, and no unit, no tracking number, no nothing.

Enough’s enough.  I’m a patient guy.  But this has gone on long enough.  So a couple days ago, I sent him a nastemail pointing out that it’s been almost a month since we agreed on the order and I demand either a refund or my tracking information by today.  Failing that, I’m prepared to take it up with both PayPal and my credit card company.

I still haven’t heard from Mr. DSS.  Anyone surprised?


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