COSine 2007

Posted: January 21, 2007 in Uncategorized

Just finished up the COSine conference here in town, with GOH Connie Willis.

Fun, fun, fun.  Had some good quality chat time with some local Baen Barflies, too!  All in all, a positive experience — which is why we come back to this con each year.  And, of course, there’s the Nubella Award….

My favorite panel was, “How I Write,” with me, Connie and Rebecca Lickiss.  It was right after an interview panel with Connie, and they’d put up two high-backed cushioned chairs with a microphone between them.  Maintenance was slow bringing up a long table for us, so we just added an audience chair between the two nice ones and did a fireside-chat-like panel instead.  Much cooler that way, IMHO.  And it was fascinating to hear how other writers work.

But it’s bedtime now, and I have to go to work in yet ANOTHER snow.  Maybe if I pray really hard and sleep on it, the snow will disappear….

  1. brownkitty says:

    Snow is made of fairies?

  2. onyxhawke says:

    How big of a con is this?

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