Carolina I Hear You Calling

Posted: November 30, 2006 in Uncategorized

Mostly because it’s butt cold here.

And our brand-new five-figure heating system doesn’t seem to remember it’s supposed to switch from heat pump to gas when it gets below 30. Since the lows have been around zero, give or take 5 degrees, that’s an issue.

We called the heating company yesterday because at noon, it was 11 outside and 62 in the house, with the thermostat set at 70. See, this is why we got the new heating system — to avoid just this problem of the furnace not keeping up, which the old octopus (gravity furnace) had every time the temperature outside went below freezing.


I just want it to be warm inside, and for the money I paid, I #@&! well expect it to be!


Anyway, it was noon and 62. By 1:00pm, Sarah had had enough and switched it to the emergency heat (gas) setting manually. And it STILL came out from the heat pump, which is to say it was blowing COLD air around in the hopes that it would at least be warmer than the air in the house. So she called the heating company. They said to wait until 3:00pm and see if it got warmer. But, at 2:00pm, it was STILL blowing cold and STILL 62. So Sarah pumped up the thermostat setting to 74, called again, and convinced somebody to agree to come out.

I went to pick up Robert from school, and got back at 3:08pm. Wonder of wonders, it was FINALLY blowing warm air (i.e. gas). 10 minutes later, the heating guy showed up and said, “Well, I can’t do anything now, if it’s working.”

So I promptly put it back on the auto-switching setting and dropped the thermostat back to 70. Told him, “Wait 5 minutes.”

Needless to say, he found problems and promised to get them fixed — AFTER the cold snap, since the gas heat was working on emergency heat.

Of course, he left it on auto, NOT manual, which became apparent around 4:00-5:00pm today, when the temperature had dropped to 67. It’s now on emergency heat, and warming up.


The only good thing? Fortunately, we hadn’t disposed of the oil heaters!


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