Wasted Night

Posted: September 24, 2006 in Uncategorized

I blame Kate Paulk.  She posted a link to an online puzzle where you try to guess the next URL in the sequence (http://n.nfshost.com) in Sarah’s Diner, and I just had to try it.  Supposedly it goes up to (at least) 30, but I got stuck figuring out the URL for 29.

And then I found another puzzle, 3D this time (http://www.thatvideogamesite.com/fullscreen.php?id=392&res=1024×768) and I just had to try this one.  The blog poster that posted the link claimed to be stuck on level 16, which I snagged on, too.  My eleven-year-old son walked in, took one look at the puzzle, figured out how it worked, and provided a solution, all in about two minutes.

Amazing.  Obviously, the kid’s a genius, at least spatially.

Together, we finished all 30 levels of the 3D puzzle.  (Why 30 levels?  Is there some significance?)

Go, son!

  1. danielmhoyt says:

    Okay, the first puzzle does only go up to 30 levels. I saw the solution for 29 by accident on someone’s blog and had to try it tonight, because both my son and I quite clearly remembered trying that same URL very early in our attempts for that particular puzzle. To be fair, I’m on wireless, and there were several times where an attempt took 20-30 seconds before coming back with a 404.
    No matter. I got 30 and the “win.” I’ll take the “cheat” if I don’t have to go to bed with this stupid thing unsolved. Gaaaah! Sleep now

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