Back to School (Finally!)

Posted: August 17, 2006 in Uncategorized

The last week has been killer on my sleep.

I’m a night owl. Always have been. And so is Sarah, to a large extent. I really shouldn’t be surprised that both of our kids are, too. But there are limits.

See, they seem to have forgotten that I still had to go to work in the mornings throughout the summer. So, when they cheerfully blasted their radios and computer games well after midnight, I invoked my standard litany:

“Go to BED!!”
“Lights OUT!!”
“Turn that OFF!!”
“The hallway lights are still ON!!”
“Music OFF!!”
“Do you think we can’t HEAR??”
“Why are the hallway lights on AGAIN??”
“Sleep NOW!!”

(Yes, after midnight, I revert to short phrases that can be yelled easily. Apparently, these types of sentences lend themselves really well to accentuated endings, too — what can I say?)

Far from being effective, though, the behemothim usually takes this as an invitation to come into our bedroom and visit. Which, of course, attracts his younger brother, much like a mosquito happily buzzing toward a zapper.

So you see, I’ve been getting about 5 hours sleep each night. Maybe. This was normal for me when I was younger, but I really need an hour or two more than that these days.

School started today. They went to bed eleven-ish last night. So did I, for a change.


I’m really looking forward to another 3 months of decent sleep! {:-D

  1. outtamyskull says:

    You just need to sleep with a tranquilizer gun under your pillow, as soon as the door opens, open fire.

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