Schedule Something for Aug 22

Posted: August 13, 2006 in Uncategorized

My Compaq laptop’s homepage goes to AOL news, and I found this article on an upcoming ban on foie gras, starting Aug 22. Just for fun, I googled the date. It turns out it’s pretty popular right now: (Foie Gras Ban) (Pac-Man World Rally release) (Power line under city decision deadline) (U of IL @Urbana-Champaign New Student Orentation — and Quad Day and Polish Placement Test, etc.) (Iranian nuclear response deadline) (Memorial of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary) (Blog Carnival)

Did I miss something? Was there some global dispatch instructing us to schedule something for Aug 22 and I didn’t get it?

I better think of something to schedule on Aug 22, or I might miss out. On whatever. Maybe you should, too.

  1. lwj2 says:

    Prices at restaurants in Chicago in 2000 (WorldCon) didn’t encourage me to come back for a visit. Wolensky & Smith’s inability to get orders correct, get the cheque correct and serve food promptly have put them on my “don’t eat there again” list — the service never got past mediocre, the steaks were no better than I could do myself. It was reflected in the tip, there wasn’t one.
    That said, pate isn’t something I particularly care for. I’ve had it, I’d rather have a crabmeat cocktail, fresh oysters or sushi.
    I think that the Chicago government is extraordinarily silly, question [it being Chicago] exactly who bought them off and suspect a challenge under the Interstate Commerce clause might work.

  2. danielmhoyt says:

    Turns out Aug 22 is also Ray Bradbury’s birthday.
    Are you sure I’m not missing something?

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